dal·li·ance [dal-ee-uhns]

1. a love affair


“Dalliance Design represents the culmination of the talent and passions of interior  designers Nicole Guthreau and Stephanie Tamayo, who saw an opportunity to bring their unique vision and expertise to the world of design, introducing small companies and private homeowners to the beauty and importance of interior spaces. ”


At a young age, Stephanie would spend days at an architecture firm in nyc, watching her father work. eager to learn, she hovered over the designers as they sketched elevations and drafted floorplans while her classmates were still struggling to color within the lines. This ignited her desire to pursue a career in the design field.

She went on to study Interior Design at Kean University, which revealed what she loved most about design: furniture making. After designing and building her first piece, her greatest aspiration quickly became to one day launch a custom furniture line of her own.

While at school she attained an internship at Riscala Agnese Design Group, a premier restaurant design firm in New York City, whose designs have been featured in countless magazines and publications. Her experience with RADG gave her a whole new appreciation for hospitality design.

After graduating, she worked for ML Interior Design, a high-end residential design firm in Summit, NJ, where she learned every aspect of the business from begining to end. Stephanie currently resides in New York City where she works and interacts with top designers on a daily basis.


Nicole’s career in design started in New York City at the Fashion Institute of Technology where she studied merchandising with a focus on styling and product development. Nicole’s first opportunity to hone her skills was at the office of M. Frederick, where her interaction with designers, clients, and vendors shaped her design personality and eye for interiors.

Her passions solidified, her education continued at Kean University where she achieved her second degree in Interior Design. After graduating she went on to work for Schwartz Design Showroom, where she specialized in the sale of luxury furnishings, building valuable relationships with some of the industry’s most respected designers and suppliers.

Nicole continued her career by working with numerous high-end residential designers who focused on custom furniture and kitchen and bath design. She landed a position as personal assistant for Valerie Grant Interiors in Summit NJ. Among her many accolades, Nicole has been recognized for her artistic rendering skills for top designers, all fueled by her keen eye for detail and innate ability to anticipate the market and predict design trends.

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